CMC EUROPE We will fulfill your vending machines

Our products

Our products


All kind off machines for a great vending business.


The most different charms with attractive looks licensed or generic.

Bubble Gum

You can buy from us at the best prices the best Gum ZED Candy.


We sell all over Europe for the best prices and the best possible mixes.

Bouncing balls

The most variety of the bouncing balls with all the certificates.


We sell all kind off empty capsules at the best prices.

Pluche mix

You can find all kind off toys that fit in all kind off capsules licensed or generic.


Candy mix

We will prepare all kind of of mixes for your machines.

We do the business

Quick delivery

We are a company who is already for more than 10 years in ths business and we also have our own exploitation. So for this reason we know the needs off the market and we can buy better items so our clients can sell more and for the best prices.

Outstanding customer care

Reasonable prices

Brabo was the leader in this market and we want to continue to serve all the clients who where already for many years clients from them. Zed Candy is one off the best chewinggum there is as well for indoors as for outdoors, and we will be the one who is selling this product for the European Market.

We are a vending and trading company who is selling all items for the vending industrie, machines, toys, candies and much more.

What they say about us

Leon Customer

It was the best decision we could have made in terms of machine supplier, to have chosen CMC Europe. Their machines are practical, easy to operate and maintain.

Sam Customer

We appreciate value of their professional background that guarantees us high quality services. We firmly believe that our mutual cooperation will continue.

Selina Customer

The cooperation between us started in 2013. Since 2014 our cooperation became continues, reliable and led to close businness relationship between the two company.

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